Collection: Custom Orders

If you have an idea in mind of what you would like to see on your walls or what you would love to give as a present to your loved ones, I am up to the challenge.


First, I would like you to think about the size of your future art piece. My smallest frame is 11x14" (measuring on the outside) and my biggest so far is 20x24". But sky is the limit.


Then, let's think about framing. I offer 2 options - a shadow box (with or without matting) or a double matted frame as it has just enough depth to accommodate 1/4" width of quilling. 


Next step is the color of the background. What would go nicely with the colors in your room? What would make the design you have in mind pop? I can find pretty much any color/pattern combination.


And of course I need to know the deadline. Close to major holidays, like Christmas, I usually get a number of orders so the waiting time gets longer. 


If you want something special but don't have an exact idea, I can help you. I can sketch a few things to keep your imagination juices moving and once we agree on the design, I'll make it. 


And if you see something among the products that you like but not 100% (not your colors, don't like the background, or would prefer a different size), I can make all the changes just for you. Get in touch!